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Conscious Choices, Healing and Living with Freedom
Trauma Healing & Somatic Therapy
Integral Somatic Psychology
Insight Meditation
I am devoted to helping people in their journey towards healing and in their search for freedom from suffering.

How does Trauma Healing work?
Somatic Experiencing (SE) and Integral Somatic Psychology  (ISP)  are both naturalistic therapeutic  approaches that involve the body  along with other modalities  of cognition, movement, energy and awareness in healing through:

-  A bottom up processing and release of trauma. 

-  Re-establishing self protective mechanisms and healthy


-  Renegotiation and settling.

-  Resiliency.

- Establishing a new threshold in the nervous system.



SE and ISP are can be used together and are stand alone therapies and do not have to be combined with Insight Meditation.


Insight Meditation is an ancient therapeutic and spiritual system that addresses the causes of suffering. It is concerned with seeing the contents of the mind in view of how the mind processes the content. It is concerned with the deepest understanding of the nature of the mind and freedom from our bondage to it. It helps us in:

-  Clears confusions and trauma.

-  Compassion for self and others.

-  Seeing our interconnection to Life.

-   Frees us from the constrictions of the self.

-  Allows us to see and  know nonduality.

-   Wisdom grows.

-   Assists in nonidentification.



Insight Meditation Classes

www.westchesterinsight.org6:30p.m. Thursday


6:30 p.m. Monday 

check UU calendar

Study group and day longs upon request..

Private Somatic Experiencing Session


a private lesson



The birth of a son with autism changed the trajectory of Nina’s life from working at the United Nations to having to stay at home for her son, as no help would stay long enough to allow this professional life to continue. A search for an inner refuge from suffering lead to insight meditation. 
In then teaching meditation, it became clear that many could not access being in the body due to trauma and various blockages. 
This lead to the 4-year-long study of two Somatic Trauma Healing certifications  that can serve both for practitioners of Insight as well as be stand-alone therapeutic work for those who simply wish for somatic healing.  

NIna Nagy

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