About Safety Net Fund (SNF) Inc.

SNF is a 501 (c) (3) and  was set up with the primary purpose of providing quality education to impoverished children and their families on a long term basis. Some of the proceeds from the work of Awake Abiding LLC goes towards the financing of this SNF.


The intention is to lift the most impoverished  from their present situation and give them skills to pursue a financially and if possible professional life. And if not professional, then at least equip them with a vocation in which they would liive far better than their present conditions allow. The schools to which these kids are sent for study are meant for middle class children who receive adequate education to rise in life. This is vastly different from the poor schools, or madrasas, that they may find themselves in if they at all even make it to a free school.

In order for this endeavor to truly succeed, only a few children are taken from various households. Their parents work as servants, sweepers and the like for people we directly know. This enables us to know that these children are indeed in school and the employers of the parents can monitor their progress and needs on an ongoing basis. In addition, we have an independent party monitoring the kids' progress. If they do not do well academically, we shift our course to put them in vocational settings. Although, SNF has been set up to work internationally, at this moment, we are choosing Pakistan as the country of our work, primarily because of the connections we have. We allow each donor direct access to the child or the family.

Since this is composite approach of promoting well being on a holistic level, SNF will provide the following:

  1. Tuition

  2. Books, uniforms, and other supplies

  3. Transportation to and from

  4. Food and vitamins

  5. Medical help to the child and even to the parent who may otherwise not be able to work due to a medical condition.

  6. Contingency for an emergency.

The long term plan for SNF is to secure an endowment until these kids graduate. And for this a trust would need to set up for each child once we have secured that they are indeed participants in their own education and well being. At present, SNF is servicing 11 children in Lahore, Pakistan.


One child goes to the Educators branch of Beacon House.

Four children go to Allied School, Bahu campus.

One child who has some learning difficulties is at Compass.

Two children are in vocational settings as we took them when they were in their teens.

Three children attend Doors of Awareness school.