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What is Insight Meditation?

Whereas trauma healing work leads to great physiological and psychological regulation, it does not set us free.

Freedom is the innate capacity we all have to live with ease in all circumstances of life.  Insight Meditation or Vipassana, not only leads to greater regulation and integration both on the psychological and spiritual plane, it brings us in alignment with the way REALITY actually is and in so doing set us free. We are always at odds with reality in that we are always wanting things other than the way they are. This starts from how we look, to where we are born, our family, circumstances and this cycle perpetuates itself into all phases of our life until we die. This is the process of becoming. This practice challenges us in relating to life in a very different way, taking us to our inherent freedom.

Having said this,  not all people need to go this route and it is sufficient for many to simply do trauma healing work. However, for those seeking spiritual freedom, I would recommend this work only.


We work with the eight concentric circles.


  1. The resolution of past Issues allows us not to distort or influence our present moment living.

  2.  Learning to live skillfully and minimize creating future issues.

  3.  Facing the realities of life of aging, illness, and death - facing them with acceptance and equanimity.

  4. Cultivating intimacy in our relationships to become truly loving, compassionate, and authentic.

  5.  Eradicating our perceptual distortions involves seeing beyond our beliefs, ideologies, and limited points of view.

  6.  Learning to live in the moment (true mindful living)

  7.  Realizing freedom (seeing who we truly are beyond our self-constructed boundaries)

  8. Living a life of awareness

The work culminates in living in Nonduality.

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