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Business Media Interview - Rob Whetham with Nina Nagy
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Andrew Hanson


Redwood Invest Management llc,

Stamford, CT

I have been Nina’s student for two years.  She is a skillful and patient teacher.  She is a master of bringing me back to the basic skills of meditation when my mind wanders.  Her focus on being in the body calms thoughts and build attention and concentration.  She has spent over twenty years practicing in the tradition of vipassana.  Her emphasis on the ethical implications of the practice  has been  invaluable for me in understanding the path to right and skillful action.  

I would recommend Nina to all who are seriously interested in learning insight meditation.   Beyond simple relaxation, attention and concentration, meditation develops valuable life navigation skills.  It is useful in breaking free from the force of habit.  It is doing all of this for me as well as putting me in touch with the underlying process of change in the world and in myself. The micro is reflected in the macro and vice-versa. It is also helping build equanimity in me  and experiencing God or the Source of all Life in all things.

Leigh Gage

Westport, CT

Nina Nagy is a serious insight meditation teacher and a trauma therapist.  She helped me get through a difficult time in my life, after a family tragedy.  Although I had practiced meditation before and know that staying in the present is key, she breaks it down into small step that are easier to understand.  She makes it clear that only you can do the work that can lead you to freedom— she is your guide.


You need to be willing to have a daily meditation practice if you want her as a teacher.  Nina gave me guidance and valuable feedback with homework after each session.  I would not have taken to it as seriously without her.  It gives her joy to help people so don’t react negatively if she pushes you and questions your intentions. This practice has helped me with my grief and in finding various degrees of freedom.


Nina interwove her trauma and somatic skills to help clear some trauma in the body. The somatic experiencing trauma work is a stand alone but can also be combined with the practice of insight meditation. She led me through exercises that helped me feel areas I had ignored.  And this work made me realize that the body really does keep the score— body memory is real. I have found cellular relief through this work.

I would also highly recommend Nina for somatic and trauma therapy.

Ryan McGinn

Ridgefield, CT

Nina taught me the incredibly freeing practice of sitting with emotions, feeling them, and knowing they are not forever. She taught me that when it comes to emotions there is nothing that needs to be "fixed," but rather much that can be learned with a quiet mind and a kind heart. She is a gift and I am so grateful to her. 

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