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Worthy Obedience

Worthy obedience

Obedience is anathema to an average mindset. Choice and freedom are what life is meant to be. Obedience smells of servitude and being dominated. Suffice it to say, not enough thought has gone into this concept. This needs to be a worthy inquiry.

Why, if nothing else, time and time again, those who have fought for freedom have still been captive of their own minds, repeating paradigms that are not freeing their own chains.

When we encounter the yearnings of the spirit, the need to know the essence and true meaning of our transient lives, the mind turns to itself and the spirit goes inward to a discipline. This is worthy obedience. Surrender to the knowing of how it is.

There is no place to go, no mosque, no synagogue or church.

Just be present with the intention

Choose one path and go deeper and deeper to ripen in it.

Not the path of dogma but the path of the lone mystic

Even go beyond the metaphors.

First, develop the ego

To then learn when to let go of the ego

See the energetic experience

Be present

Self-witness the workings of the mind

Be devoted

Choose your own method

Be no one’s authority nor your own

Go with the flow

Now take the step

Let go through and in each portal

Remove the dust from your eyes See upsets as doorways Move towards expansion. Tune your frequency

Allow the divine to reveal itself.

But first, accept yourself

Learn to love what is

And refine what is

The work is both inner and outer.

Be a fine steward of the body and the mind

Turn to change

Shower parts not yet mastered.

Shower with love.

No turning on yourself.

Manage emotions that trigger Pause before you inhale. Celebrate endings while knowing that there are no endings Setting boundaries with yourself. Be always in practice

Keep working with hindrances

Keep doing what your ignorance wishes to avoid. Don’t want to be in strong action Unity awareness is active resistance

Allow intuition to inform

Overpower resistance through higher commitment

Use your own pressure.

Create awareness of the unity of interdependence Take care of each other

Belong to the other.

Be unseen,

When the time is right, let go of the ego

Be the ordinary

And yet be ever-present

Do the ordinary and the extraordinary

When merits are accomplished, lay no claim to it

Relinquish power yet have the inner power.

Only those who obey can command

Can be the spiritual adult And this calls for worthy obedience of body and mind. .

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