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What’s the purpose of this reactivity?

Is it the small self carrying for greater recognition?

Perhaps ignorance marking its territory

Nonetheless , Just the unconscious bubbling below the surface

Wanting Life to be a certain way

Commendable when a teenager attempts  to find its own individuation and finds it in a balance.

It may well be the moorings of a child’s ever persistent whimpering in an adult body.

The inner voice catapulted by every day reality makings its way through reactivity.

The need surfacing

Some necessary

Others seering as needs under wants.


Imploding when targeted towards the self

Explosive when projected outward.

Both methods perpetuating harm to self and others

Reactivity for reactivity sake speaks of sheer blindness

No learning present here

No purpose defined or seen

Self perpetuated

Brick layers further cemented with no piercing Light.

Release from suffering not possible here.

Turn it around and allow the light to penetrate

Seeing and seeing





Making the unconscious conscious

Knowing that each attempt to gratify the self is a mirage

Sifting the true needs for love, well-being from the injurious

Doing the work

Much greater purpose lies here.

Freedom from suffering does not come in  living through habitual patterns of reactivity

But in greater explorations beyond self and psychology,

The light wanting to brighten the soul

In each moments passing

Crossing thresholds of the narrow confines of mind and habit.

To inhabit the boundlessness of the prevailing isness.

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nakawe cuebas
nakawe cuebas
15 de jul. de 2023

The question is how is one to practice with "reactivity" when it arises, as it will during the day. Being triggered by the "pleasant, unpleasant" - as you say greater exploration, shining the light of awareness and kindness, one can rest in the stilling of all formations, reactions... resting the heart in the boundless suffusion of love and equanimity. Thank you for this reflection❤️

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