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What is to receive?

What is to receive?

We do things just to do.

Much of life remains unexamined.

We move as objects in space

Defining intimacy through very narrow circles

The rest are just objects to fulfill a need or not.




Within and without, many of us remain unseen and unloved.

Inertia is prevalent

No one’s fault.

Just the workings of mundane existence.

Numbed out through such desiccation

Unknown and unseen, life remains a dead affair.

We live to not live

Receiving and giving often fall in the rubric of customary exchange

Often stripped of essential movements of the heart

Pure sensitivity to receive and give lost

The palpability of life absent

The fragrance of love

Not seen through the cycles of living.

No one to blame

In just this seeing


Not taking others doing so personally

Bearing the hurt

Being okay with not be seen

Tending the heart

Being a balm for your own being

Dropping the judgement

And in this seeing is the call

to awaken to greater possibilities

To feel

Life in its bareness





Moment to moment

Breath by breath

Yet still be functional

living in such a true state of being

Undefined by the rubrics of mundane activity

Empty and full

If this is not freedom then what is?

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