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They say we choose our destiny based on our longings. Longings set forth the wheel of karma. Consciously or unconsciously the momentum is set forth. The longing of the spirit to be free necessitates the ongoing understanding that suffering is inherent in all forms of existence. For all, the longing for homecoming is not a given. Somewhere deep inside for some, the Spirit calls for itself. For many trust in a good life dispels the need to be free The displays of this life with all its senses are splendid just as it is. Others may trust the self and know a good life is a passing show and know how to ride the wave to a greater awareness Then they are those who in not trust themselves up to awaken set up guideposts Guideposts of fire circled in and around them as messages of remembrance. To remember to go home and not deviate from the show of life In knowing the suffering of self and others The mind and heart leaning to the Spirit for sustenance Returning to the Spirit. The Christ-like suffering without the freedom of the embodied Christ. Necessary perhaps And yet not so If only the guiding post had been the anchor in one’s own knowledge and not an invitation to be encircled with suffering in order to awaken. Perhaps the strength to enjoy the gift of life would have been greater The Spirit is more expansive to offer Life to others from strength than suffering. A Promethean endeavor to learn there never was a Prometheus but a mind caught in its own show to awaken at a cost not necessary. Nothing was lost, just another view understood. Much learned Time lost and yet gained through discovering the eternal now. The mind coming home to know itself. No matter what be the ride.

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