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Benefits of Ignorance

Allow impulse to govern the show,

Protect self to not show up for self and other,

Rest behind facades and identifications,

Live in the illusion of self-prescribed freedom,

Ward of the complexities of life from not wanting to see or know,

Keep it simple and myopic,

Be right and hold on tight to not understanding,

Dance the show without remorse or repentance,

Live the good life without seeing cause and effect,

Reside under shades of superstition,

Ascribing calamities to the other or to dark magic,

Not see you are me and I am you,

Negating responsibility for our part in the play,

Believing we can do whatever we wish to do,

In the end, hoping to get away with it and make the way to heaven!

Then, there is this mind judging stating for the common good that it ought to not be this way!

And this is the way it is!

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