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As the Eye Opens

Updated: Apr 19, 2022

As the Eye opens

You and I engaged in the relating affair

The back and forth

The nudge the pull, the non-acceptance

The deep trenches often of disharmony.

Fallen soldiers through discord

Homes broken

Lives wasted and scattered

All due to this relating affair.

Necessary or not,

Suffering is the name of this liaison,

The back and forth

So rolls on the mindless roller.

Differentiating suffering makes it a choice ,

Some suffering is just the natural occurrence of life

The storm coming due the various causes and conditions in the atmosphere

Then, the mindless storm created by the me and you affair.

By i not wanting to see and you mirroring my state.

Locked in a non-acceptance to keep the fire of suffering ablaze.

The old blame game being relit.

As the eye opens, choice to suffer or not to suffer is how it is to be.

The I-making is a role play, gentler in each passing day.

The definition of I less and less bounded in contours of fixity.

A learning occurs of what is how it is meant to be.

This is the acceptance of the suffering that dust will always be on the furniture, tornadoes will happen and the body will wither.

And then,

Light is cast on what is self made suffering,

A learning for each to explore,

The more the eye sees the more unity of life blossoms through in and around us.

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