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Who dies

The in-breath dissolves into an empty space

The out-breath dissolves into an empty space.

Each half breath is a reminder of the dying of a new moment barely having given birth to see its own demise before it has a chance of living.

What remains is just this.

Just this, the great emptiness in which all of life emanates and dissolves back into.

In this seeing and being, there is no death, just Life doing its thing.

With or without me

I am the watcher of the show until I become the splendid being living its own show.

The I is only as long as the mind coalesces itself into a separate being

But in effect the I is just a showing of the seeing, hearing, smelling, touching, tasting and of mind-making phenonema.

The phenomena dissolve as does the I.

The work is in the understanding to let it go in each instance of the moving shift

Knowing that in essence, nothing resides inside this form of skin, muscles, sinews, and bones, except the play of the senses moving with infinitesimal l rapidity.

For a time, the great emptiness in its uniqueness as you move and runs the you show.

Step aside and see the ever-present life present in this empty flow.

Here the sidewalk remains as was

The children sing and dance and mourn

Life goes on with or without me

And all is okay, as I prepared just this to let go and to be in the flow.

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1 Comment

nakawe cuebas
nakawe cuebas
Apr 21, 2022

Love the flow of this piece on the deathless....

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