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Push Away

Push away

Push away push away

To subvert the aversion supposedly coming my way.

Believing I have an inherent right to live life in my choice and willing way.

Maybe so?

Knowing push away is actually a harsh calling for a space to enlarge where the difficulty is not an obstruction.

Recognizing space is our natural disposition and all moves through.

The space within and without remains untouched.

Here then difficulty is a moving target.

The call for life to be a certain way to live life just becomes a passing thought

The ebbs and flows, the wishes, the wants, the hell and fire, all flow back into this undiluted cool, and vibrant home.

Push away too dissolves into a useless thought much like a spoiled child throwing its repeated tantrum.

The discovery of eternal space comes as a very gentle homecoming

The divine embrace -

In, around, and in all spaces

Moments of grace strewn in ordinary consciousness

Forgetful often in this relative existence

And yet known

The refuge of long abiding

It has been mine for eternity

Just breathe and be

For it to hold me in its flow.

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