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Measure by Measure

Measure by measure

Measure by measure we measure what I take and you give

The same is true for what I give and you receive

Reciprocity is essential

And then there is just the flow of receiving and giving in which abundance has no measure.

The space of bowing and receiving and knowing that there is no one doing either.

Are we able to tap this space from time to time where just openness and flow reside?

We may find measure by measure to simply be measureless even if just for this moment.

The only moment we will ever have.

Just letting go for now the mores of this measured existence.

Opening, resting, being and letting in the freshness of just this.

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nakawe cuebas
nakawe cuebas
Feb 15, 2022

The measured flowing into the measureless when we're not gripping the I, me, and mine, love this, thank you Nina 💗

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