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Sense into the softness of your own breath

Its quiet flow

This is how the Spirit holds us

It is a direct understanding of the holding of Life in the flow

Love wrapped in and around us that never ever left us

The ever silent womb

We left for no fault of our own

The solidification a natural occurrence for being in form

Be it an amoeba wanting to retain its preservation through contraction

Or us contracting through the need for survival and not knowing essence

Being then got mixed up with vicissitudes of contraction.

Walls of contraction

Serving and not serving

Not serving becomes the darkness

Deeper and deeper into wells of contraction

Primal screams in the body, some known and also unknown

Let go and perhaps another way emerges

The resolve is in the intention and the prayer

The prayer to open and see another way

If the search is real, the light shows the way.

Holding us in and through Life’s eternal flow.

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