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Projecting outward for a greater happiness


The illusion of it as being long-lasting

Then the fading

Circling back for another search


The silent to frantic chase for all shades of happiness

The definition at best remains unclear

Seeing passing by moments as inconsequential

Missing life moments list to unconscious moorings

Remaining oblivious to the ever-changing flow

Dreading the difficult

Not seeing the gift

The seed of growth

Waiting to see the light of knowing


Understanding we all carry the Holy Grail

All are anointed a purpose or two or more

Journeys of ascension

Pure light

Anointing the holy internally and bestowing the holy on the other

Leaving no difficult endeavor undone

Deep discipline

Divine purpose

Settling deeply and opening into fields of anointment.

Where there is no doer and nothing to be done.

Yet all gets done

Just being flowing along

In vast open skys

Unhurdled and free in Essence

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