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Why’s of Life

In the why’s of life,

The search for answers begins

Perhaps to understand how the universe works,

And sometimes in hope of fixing the broken inside

The release from ignorance and suffering.

On the cushion the why’s of fade into the isness .

Isness, the only prevailing truth to the way it is.

Against this background the dance of life moves in and out,

Appearing and disappearing

Untouching the eternal presence of isness

Living here wholeness is touched,

Eternity is known.

And rest and release is found.

Though, here, there is no one, here, to know!

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nakawe cuebas
nakawe cuebas
Jan 15, 2022

Beneath the Why's of life is the stillness eternal "isness" where words do not exist and whys dissolve, thanks for the reminder 💗

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