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The I question

What’s the peculiar proclivity of the mind

To be … fill in the blank …

Be seen


Better than

Be eminent

To rule

To run

To hide

Belong - to what and whom in what guise

Becomings of sort

Each wrapped up

In a particular type of a suffering

Moving inwardly imploding

Projecting outwardly exploding

Violence to self and others

A necessary repercussion emanating from these states of insufficiency.

Representing nothing

Missing the mark

The inward journey

The inner knockings

Opening portals

Healing the madness of becoming

Allowing darkness to be a doorway to

Luminous life.

Gentle rhythms of homecoming

And all is well just as it is.

No need to wear a self, no need for much.

A moment-to-moment being.

No going, no coming, just dissolving into the womb of eternal life.

Not your or my eternal life.

Just Life.

And here Life weaves the fabric of itself into being.

Just being

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