Finding Enoughness

Often, needs are not met in this human sphere

Some are real

Some are pure craving

Whatever the state of affairs be

Suffering is at the heart of it

First is to simply recognize this

Then is to accept it

We look for a space deep inside

A place which is free

Free from the comings and goings of life

Free from psychology and biology

Asks of a repeated letting go

A dance of grasping and letting go

Understanding we are a process of Being

Perceiving Being as a self

We shape being into needs

Reifying it into a gratifying reality

And not seeing the ever changing flow of causes and conditions

Making the moment into a concrete stability

Blurring the vision to not see the moment change again and again

Missing the moment of just enoughness

Enoughness that lightens the day

Adds shimmer to the dullness lulled by unconsciousness

Brings home the primordial sense of being

Being the home base of all existence

Underneath the chimeras of shifting phenomena.

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